Fabric Softener

If you don’t use fabric softener on your towels, it feels like you’re drying yourself with pine needles. If you do use fabric softener on your towels, they just kind of push the water around ’cause now they’re basically covered with wax! Ah — what to do? What to do?

Use vinegar. Yup. It works. It’s cheap. And it works! Just put the vinegar in your softener dispenser — either the one on the machine or use a little “Downey ball.”

And no — your laundry won’t smell like a pickle. But would that really be a bad thing? 🙂


Burned Pots

My mother told me about this one. Used to be, if I burned something into a pot badly enough, I just threw the pot away. That was when I was rich and stupid. Now that I’m poor and smart, I try to save the pot. 😀

This little trick has become more and more useful now that my son is spending more time in the kitchen. Well, actually, if he was spending enough time in the kitchen, things wouldn’t get burned! But he hasn’t quite wrapped his mind around the fact that you can’t just put something on high heat and go immerse yourself in whatever that is he’s listening to — I don’t know what it is, I just know it’s loud. 😉

So, anyway —

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Battling My Hair

I’m a tall girl. Okay, woman. Well, I’m tall. But I have very fine, dark hair. All my hairdressers have told me I have a lot of hair — but it’s so fine, the only ones who would know that are the people who cut it.

So I’ve been trying to force my hair into submission for most of my life — perms, coloring, hot rollers, blow dryers, mousse, curling irons. Any hair torture device ever invented was part of my War on Hair. And after I got it close to where I wanted it, Aqua Net sealed the deal. It probably would have been cheaper to use Elmer’s glue — and I think the effect would have been the same.

I had a little “spider clip” in my hair at the office one day, and one of the other ladies asked me in amazement how I could get all of my hair in that little, tiny clip. “Because I have little, tiny hair” of course!

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